How to Stay Motivated to Get Shit Done

Hello my friends! Mark here. I’m in a great mood, so I’m inclined to share that with you and tell you about it.

How is it that some people never take time off, they can work for 12 hours in one day and they make meaningful improvement in their lives, while other people slack around and get nowhere?

How is it that some people always seem to be busy on projects that contribute to society while others sit around and smoke weed all day?

How is it that some people get laid and other people masturbate?

The answer lies in motivation. It seems so simple. Stay motivated, reap the rewards.

Motivation is everything. It’s your driving power. It’s what encourages you to take risks and take initiative instead of being passive and reactionary.

No, hold up. Motivation alone is not everything. It’s doing something with your motivation that leads to success. You can have all the motivation you want, but if you do not act on it, nothing will happen. It’s like my father once said: “If you do nothing, you will become nothing. It’s your own responsibility”.

Now, responsibility is a topic that a lot of young men are trying to avoid. I used to too. I would rather sit behind my computer all night and play MapleStory than work on my homework when I was a teenager. I was so engrossed in the game that I spent real-life money on it, money that I will never get back. I obtained a high character level (182) but now that the game is essentially gone, I have nothing to show for my time.

Responsibility is a scary topic for young men because they don’t know what to do. They’re being fed junkfood, TV, videogames and porn and are being led by that. A lot of young men grew up without a father – so there was nobody around to learn how to be a man.

Tell you what, kids. I’m here. Quit spanking the monkey and playing videogames all day. It doesn’t get you anywhere in life. Life should be about being social, getting out, exploring the world and documenting about it. Some people say the times of great discoveries are over. I am telling you there are still discoveries to be made, they now happen on a personal level. There’s so much you haven’t experienced yet, and the beauty is: with the internet you can share your experiences so other people will become motivated to experience the same thing.

If two people have had the same experience, they can bond deeply over it. That’s why I still have friends from my highschool. We all kind of experienced the same things, although with different perspectives. Sharing those perspectives and relating to them is what makes a conversation great.

But I digress. This post is about motivation. How do you get motivated, how do you stay motivated and how do you share your motivation with others?

How to Get Motivated

Long story short:

Stop masturbating and instead use sex only as the reward for your work.

This is what is called sexual transmutation. It’s a concept described by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich. Hill has investigated 600 wealthy American men in the time when the American Dream was still alive and kicking. He discovered that men who are successful use their sexual energy for goals other than sex. They tried to impress the women they were in love with by setting up big projects and succeeding at them.

I, too, have my women I want to impress. That’s why I paint often. It started in highschool, when I discovered high-contrast watercolor and ink paintings. I also meddled in Photoshop for a lot of nights, using a WaCom tablet. I made a lot of portraits during that time.

Note that you can’t masturbate while you’re making a portrait. Because my sexual energy as a male teenager was through the roof because of my hormone levels (biology class taught me that this is universal among boys who are teenagers), I didn’t masturbate while I was in the zone, painting, I got a lot of work done. Even though most of it is on old harddrives that I can’t access at the moment, it learned me one thing: if you put your mind to something other than sex, you can do that thing. I’ll find out a way to access those old harddrives and share my previous work with you, right here on this site.

Sex is the reward. Since I was 13, I was rarely short of a girlfriend, providing me ample opportunity to get a bit of experience in the area. Of course I didn’t have sex with all my girlfriends, but I had a lot of loveable connections, some of which are still vpersisting today.

So, don’t masturbate. Masturbating is for degenerates. I pose it in this extreme way because then the message will land. I repeat this message to myself often to remind myself not to masturbate when I get the urge – if I don’t want to look like a failure in front of myself, I’d better not masturbate. And be honest. Would you be ashamed or proud if someone walked into your room while you were in the middle?

How to Stay Motivated

So you’re not masturbating anymore. Great. You feel more energy, energy to get shit done. Heck, maybe you’ve gotten an idea or two. But how do you keep up your motivation when you fail at what you do?

The greatest men fail. They fail lots of times. On Instagram you only see the success stories. You don’t see all the pictures with people who have their eyes closed, or pictures that are out of focus. Those pictures you will never see.

Now, I share my failures. I tell you that I used to masturbate. Why? Because sharing is caring. If you share your failures, maybe someone can learn from it. It’s no use if I only share my success stories. People learn in different ways.

And that’s why you have to persist at what you do. Even if you fail. Think of failure as a stepping stone to greatness. If you have in your mind a definite goal and you thus want to achieve that goal, be prepared to fail lots of times. However, if you put enough hours in and keep trying, you’ll eventually get good.

Staying motivated is a matter of habit. They say that if you do something 21 days in a row, it becomes a habit. When inspiration strikes but you have no motivation, you can depend on your habit. There are a lot of habit-trackers out there, lots of different methods. Try some that works for you and if you lack motivation, repeat to yourself the following phrase:

I’m [name]. I want to become an [profession]. I demand of myself immediate action to further my goal.

If you repeat that phrase to yourself a number of times, you’ll realize that it’s neccessary for you to undertake action if you want to achieve your goal. This is the power of autosuggestion. This removes the dependence on motivation and gives power to your self-responsiblity. Don’t thank me, thank Napoleon Hill. By the way, I’ll sneak in a copy of the book that taught me positive thinking for you since it’s in the public domain: Just click on ‘Download’ to download. My father had a paperback version, but I unfortunately lost that – I seem to lose all his books, even though I learned a lot from them.

How to Share Your Motivation With Others

A friend of mine is in construction. He invited me to like his FaceBook page, showing pictures of projects he’s doing. It’s really motivating. The guy is out there, actually building stuff. Really inspiring. When he’s dead, the buildings that he’ll have built will still stand. Now that’s what I call leaving behind a legacy.

It’s one thing to have a project. If you have a project, great. If you complete the project, even better. But don’t forget to document your project so that you might get asked for new projects! I used to post my art on DeviantART, FaceBook and Instagram, now I post it here. When those companies will have gone out of fashion, my site will still stand.

You don’t even have to make photos or write (although I find that writing really helps). You can also just talk to people about it. When they ask the generic question “Hey, how’re you doing?”, don’t just answer “I’m doing well” but tell them about your project. Maybe they’ll get enthusiastic about it too and commission something.

I became so motivated by the FaceBook page of the construction guy that I made a portrait. I already know that if I own my own house, I want him to work on it. Not some random dude, I want the guy who inspires others to work on my business. That’s the kind of people you want to surround yourself with. Active, go-getters. People who still believe in the Dream and work on it. Note that I didn’t say American Dream, because the Dream now is available to everyone in the world through the power of the internet.

So that’s how you get motivated, stay motivated and share your motivation with others so you can inspire them to achieve things of their own. I have a lot of time on my hands the next month, so stay tuned for some dope art that I’m going to make! If you want to receive art straight in your e-mail inbox to brighten up your day while you’re slaving away at the office working some dead-end, inspirationless job you can subscribe through the e-mail form in the sidebar on the right. Peace.

All yours,

Mark Dumanon

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