How to Get the Confidence to Start a Business

A while ago, I was walking though the inner city of Utrecht, on the Oudegracht. From the corner of my left eye, I saw two guys staring at me.

Turns out it was a former colleague and a friend! We chatted it up a while, he complemented me on the motivational energy my blog has and I asked him how he was doing in life. Turns out he has a daughter now, and that he runs a business laying down floors.

It didn’t surprise me that this guy was running a business. When I worked with him, this former colleague was one of the most confident people I knew. If there was an accident in the bar, he always responded in a cool, down to earth manner – and as you can imagine, there were a lot of accidents in the bar.

When we had ended the conversation, it struck a question into my mind:

How do people get so confident that they start their own business?

It takes a lot of guts to run a business of your own. A lot can go wrong. You can and probably will fail sometimes, but you have to look past those moments of temporary defeat and know that if you work persistently, you will reap the rewards.

Some people I know are not confident by heart and I would not imagine them running a successful business. They repeat to themselves “But what if I fail? I wouldn’t be able to recover from it” too many times.

So how does one get confident? I have read about this, being a pretty confident person myself, and have come up with the answer.

The way you get confident is through feeding the mind.

The mind ‘gets’ what you feed it. If you feed it negative thought, you will become a negative person. If you think positively, you will become a positive person. There is a saying that if you repeat a lie enough times, you will start to believe it. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with positive people. You will notice that people who are negative have the habit of hanging out with other negative people, which enforces their negative self-image.

If you think “I am a confident person and nothing in this world will prove me otherwise” enough times to yourself, you will start to believe it and become a confident person through the repetitive positive thought that you feed your mind.

When you are confident and positive, you will notice you put up with negativity less and less. I once taught a physics class to 10-12 year olds about how electricity flows. Electricity flows from a point where there’s more energy (the + side of the battery) to where there’s less energy (the – side of the battery). If you are a positive person and you hang out with somebody who’s negative for a while, you will see that it saps you of your precious energy. That’s why I make a point out of it to hang out with people who are positive, whom I can learn from and discuss meaningful topics with.

So if you want to get confident, I provide to you an easy way to do so. Just repeat that you are confident to yourself and watch your confidence grow. Repeat the sentence “I am a confident person” in your mind throughout the day when you have idle time, and perceive yourself getting more confident and less fazed by trivialities.

It is my goal to build a positive community through the use of this website. If you feel like connecting with like-minded individuals and exchange thoughts on how to get positive, share your thoughts in the comments. If there are no comments yet, don’t hesistate to share: It might be tough to be the first commenting on a topic, but it can be very rewarding.

Until next time.

Truly yours,

Mark Dumanon

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