From Warm to Cold

I had to get my medication today. I woke up early, started painting a portrait and read a part of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. What a book! It really promotes positive thinking.

Then I hopped in the car to get my medication. I had a talk with my case manager about how it’s going now. I updated him, told him I had vivid dreams, and he said he couldn’t make much of his dreams because they fade as you are awake longer. We talked about the messages behind the dreams, and how they’re mostly ‘new material’, as opposed to a replay of what you’ve done in a day.

After getting my medication and two double espressos, I went to the gas station to catch up with my boss, who always works Thursday mornings. There were two handymen adjusting the counter top, in such a way that it will have a more modern look. I took another cup of coffee and conversed with my boss. I showed him a picture of ‘0002‘, a portrait that I made for a friend who was celebrating his birthday last Saturday, and liked it so much that he proposed that I make a portrait for him. He wants to have the portrait in black and white so that the contrast really pops. We talked about business, making money and he motivated me to try harder at painting. He understood that I wanted to work less at the gas station to focus on my studies and painting and wished me the best of luck in my endeavors. I hopped in the car and headed home.

When I was home I decided I needed a shower. I started warm to relax and turned the temperature knob to cold after 2 minutes. I stayed under the cold water for 2 minutes and then dried off. I put on a new colorful shirt and made my way to Utrecht.

I bought perfume (my go-to perfume is Dolce & Gabbana: The One for Men) and a new shirt.

Now I’m sitting in the University’s computer room. I researched WPForms, to make it possible for people to upload pictures and pay me so that I can do my business online, but it costs €100 per year. Maybe next month. I’ll keep painting in the meantime so that I have something to sell, which is already possible via WooCommerce. The internet is a crazy place, man. You can do so much with it!

Today has already been a good day, in conclusion. It’s bound to get even better.

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