2 Life Lessons Derived from a Good Talk

A friend of mine came by for a cup of tea tonight. He was done with work – at the same place where I work – and he dropped by.

We discussed several things, some of which I would like to share with you.

1. Having experienced something is a requirement of sharing knowledge with others

I told my friend that I had a dream about having to tell a group of people about how the Hero’s Journey applies to my life. In this dream, I was pretty lucid. The more I thought about how to deliver this story to this eccentric group of people, the more the sun began to shine. It was as if the Gateway to Heaven opened up for me as I progressed in telling my life story. But after a while, the sun shone so brightly that the majority of listeners wanted to go outside and finish listening to the story in the sun. As I thought about whether this was a good idea, they left. I wasn’t able to finish my story and woke up.

My friend told me that he’d been actively fighting a winter depression last winter by every day creating something new, learning something new and discovering a new place. This actively fighting the darkness relates to Hero’s Jouney stage 3 (Challenges and Temptations). By having experienced it himself, he was able to convey true meaning in his message about how staying active can combat depression. When he talked about it, there was a truth in his eyes that made the message click into my mind.

So many people hear something, and then repeat it, thinking they are sharing knowledge. But if they haven’t experienced it themselves, it’s just an empty message. Compare the following two sentences:

I hear restaurant X is really good! I haven’t been there myself, but everybody’s talking about it.

Man, I went to Jeff’s Bistro last night and had the steak, rare, with pepper sauce. It was delicious. The chef even came to my table to greet me!

Which advertisement lands more?

P.S.: The second quote is real. I love having the pepper steak at Jeff’s Bistro. Can totally recommend it. Jeffrey is a great guy, we used to work together.

2. When you like someone, have the guts to take action

My friend told me two contrasting stories about instances when boys like girls and the corresponding actions they undertake.

The first one goes like this:

My friend used to do ballet. Being one of the few boys in class, he had great connections with one of the girls in class. They laughed and danced and played together. My friend really was in love with this girl.

In the meantime, he also used to play soccer, but was being picked on by his team because he also used to do ballet. He decided to quit both ballet and soccer.

In the changing room for ballet, my friend overheard the trainer ask his romantic interest why he was quitting ballet. Now, my friend had not told anybody the exact reason for quitting. But his paramour answered with pinpoint accuracy: “I think he’s quitting because he’s being picked on at soccer for doing ballet”. This girl had some third eye emotional intuition going on. But I digress.

Then, after his final ballet show, my friend and this girl were the last ones to leave. She wished him good luck in his future endeavours and kissed him on the cheek. As she left, all my friend could think was “B-but I’m in love with you!”

He never saw her again.

The second one goes like this:

A friend of my friend was in love with this girl. He recorded a four minute long speech of himself declaring his love and sent it to her. She responded by sending him nudes.

Now the first story may be more romantic, but the guy in the second one got more action. In my personal experience, being assertive when it comes to romance usually pays off.

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