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This morning, I got my government’s allowance for health insurance. Because I’m usually bad at money (but trying to be better) I thought a while before deciding what to spend it on.

Needlessly to say, it wasn’t health insurance. Health insurance (for me) is deducted from my bank account after I get paid, so I have a little room for spending it on things that I like.

So, “What do I like?”, I thought to myself. I like a lot of things. I like coffee, but I’m actively trying to spend less on caffeine. I like sex, but I’m not visiting a whore anytime soon.

No, the thing that I like most is having money. When you have money, a world opens up for you. Everything that you can buy: time, good food, shelter, becomes available.

So then the question arose: “How do I make more money out of the money that I have?” and the answer was easy for me.


An old sidehustle from me was selling watercolour paintings. I used to make them, write my phone number on them and give some away for free as a promotion. I posted pictures on Instagram and the requests came pouring in. Some people offered me 80-200 euros for one painting.

Now that’s some nice pocket money. It’s certainly better work than having a McJob (I’ve had one).

So what did I do with my money? I decided to invest in myself and buy art supplies. Here’s to making money.

When I’m done with some of the paintings, I’ll post them on this website so you can look at them. Maybe I’ll even sell them here or make a contact form for commissions. Stay tuned. You can subscribe via the e-mail form on the homepage.

Until next time.

Your man,

Mark Dumanon

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