Dancing on Water

Tonight I’m going to dance. I’m sitting at a café right now, sipping water with ice cubes. The café is named Café het Hart, and it’s a bar where I used to work from 2015-2017.

I’m flying solo tonight. Everybody I asked either has to work tomorrow, is sick or doesn’t feel like going. I don’t mind going alone too much; I’ve done it before.

I usually meet people through my dancing. You’re never alone on a dancefloor. Some people prefer to stay inside their own little circle but I like to dance enthusiastically with new people. Dance-battling and grooving my way through the night.

I’m drinking water tonight. Water, as opposed to alcohol, hydrates you. It’s free and you don’t get a hangover. As I get older, I notice that hangovers are harder to deal with. There are a lot of pros about drinking water when you go out.

Don’t be afraid of going out on your own. Make smalltalk with people, dance and let go of all frustration. Release the energy that you have. Dance without a care.

I love dancing, man. I used to watch MTV (this was when MTV still played music) and practice my moves in front of the mirror. A boy who was a neighbor told me that he’d seen me do the robot and I felt very self-conscious. This shame quickly disappeared in my late teens, when I used to go dancing every weekend. Peace, love and harmony.

I almost feel sorry for all those wallflowers who sip their drinks and are too afraid to let themselves go. The key point is to not care about how you look and accept that that’s not what’s important. The important thing is to have a good time, connect with people and to make the most of your youth.

Until next time.

All yours,

Mark Dumanon

Edit: I met Avi at the bar. Seems I’m not going dancing alone after all.

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