Habitual Ass-Kicking

Today, at work, a man came to the counter. He was fat. I don’t mean overweight, I mean obese. You could clearly see that he was the one who keeps McDonald’s in business. He had two chins, a cap on his hand and clothes with grease stains on them.

I saw him park his car, step out of the vehicle and pump his car full of gas. When he came into the store I thought to myself: “This man’s not here only for gas”.

And I was right. When the man came in, he didn’t make eye contact, he humped straight to the back of the store and I saw his fat fingers grab 3 bags of crisps, a 4-pack of Red Bull and a duopack of Twix. I thought to myself: “Ha, I was right.”

But he was not done. He came over to the counter, and with great effort and deep breathing he crouched, and grabbed a Mars, a Milky Way and a Lion. He then wanted to pay the whole deal.

When I say deal, you should know that buying candy at a petrol station is more expensive than at a supermarket, so it’s not really a good deal. The man had to pay around 20 euros for his snacks. That’s two hours of work for me.

The fat man didn’t greet me. He didn’t make eye contact. He shuffled a bit, looking at a different point every 5 seconds. I thought to myself: “He must be really insecure and unhappy about his situation. ”

When he had paid, he quickly and shamefully put the candy in a bag and left the store.

I pondered over this man for the rest of the day. I thought the following:

“Wow, that man was really fat. He probably snacks all day, every day. He seemed unhappy and insecure too. Maybe if he didn’t snack and burned more calories than he consumes he would be fitter and happier. I wonder how his life partner, although I doubt he has one, puts up with his gluttonous habits.”

Bad habits lead to a lazy, uneventful, unrewarding life. – Victor Pride

Being happier and more productive all has to do with habits. You analyze your situation, you conclude that you want more out of life and you work towards obtaining that. How? By the power of good habits.

Bad habits are:

  • Snacking
  • Watching Netflix or TV
  • Playing videogames
  • Watching pornography
  • Masturbating
  • Waking up late
  • Smoking
  • Gambling
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Having a negative attitude

Good habits are:

  • Eating 3 meals a day
  • Working towards your set goals daily
  • Waking up early
  • Physical exercise
  • Taking cold showers
  • Having sex with real life women
  • Having a positive attitude

Yes, having a positive attitude is a habit. You are in control of what you think, you are not an animal that acts on impulse. I find it hard for people who say they can’t control what they think. I also have less empathy than I used to for people who complain.

I have been re-reading an e-book on habits and discipline. It’s called 30 Days of Discipline and was written by a man named Victor Pride. It’s a real lifechanger.

Thanks to implementing the habits in this book, my habits are changing. I am taking cold showers and swim every day, I do 100 pushups, situps and squats per day and I’m looking everyone in the eye. My voice has become deeper and louder and I get more attention from girls than I used to. I’m a happier man.

I should have recommended the book to the fat man. If he only had better habits, he would turn his life around and maybe look people in the eye.

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