A Life Lesson from Scrooge McDuck

As I was sitting in a bar this evening, sipping on my Fritz-Kola, waiting for friends who would not come, I was reading Donald Ducks. I came across a picture of Scrooge McDuck, berating his nephew Donald for falling asleep at work.

“Wage slaves often complain that they’re poor, but they’re dozing off! Listen well, nephew: Those who want to get rich shouldn’t dream, they should WAKE UP!”

Scrooge McDuck didn’t get rich for no reason. He spends less than he earns, he earns a lot and he knows the value of money.

It’s no surprise that he has the attitudes of a wealthy duck. He has a solid work ethic and is a good businessman.

It’s a shame that Donald doesn’t take his advice to heart, because then he might become just as successful as his uncle. In the story, they monetize Donald’s expertise in napping however, and they co-run a successful business.

Scrooge’s beratement contains some solid advice. It’s to wake up early if you want to be successful. Unlike his nephew, I’m heeding his advice and I’ve set my alarm clock at 5AM.

Waking up early does wonders for your day. It gives you a full morning to accomplish your goals, spend time on hobbies or to improve yourself.

Wake up early. It makes you a master. When I wake up tomorrow, I’m going to take a cold shower, eat red meat and I’m going to go swimming in cold water for the second day in a row. Then I’ll be ready for my day.

My tomorrow will involve working at the gas station, physical excercise and studying. I’m training a new colleague at work, which is a great opportunity for me to learn something about teaching.

Maybe I’ll write about that. If you like reading my blog, you can subscribe via e-mail. Stay tuned for my upcoming e-book Lessons from University, where I give you 10 universally applicable tips to live a more productive, happy life.

Until next time.

Truly yours,

Mark Dumanon

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