Febuary 2019 – Money Plan

January is almost over. It was a wonderful month, full of studying, dancing and staying sober. Now that it’s almost February, it’s time to revise my budget. I use YNAB for this. My trial almost expires, and if all goes well I will be able to subscribe to it via the iTunes Store when it ends.

Here is my budget for February:

Budget February 2019

Main point in this month is: I have to stay frugal. I have used up most money for tuition, books, smoking and eating out. I have also subscribed to WordPress Business so that I can sell e-books in the future and make a side income.

I will have some money for groceries, which include buying grapefruit juice and red meat. I need this to stay healthy – if I overspend I allow myself to substract from my emergency fund. I am now experimenting with how much red meat to eat: if I eat 2 packs (4-5 pieces) I am full for the day but eating 1 pack (2 pieces) is enough to keep me going. Since I am now working out, I might eat 2 packs. I will cut down on the grapefruit juice, since 1 litre costs 1.89EU and it contains a lot of sugar.

I will have about 15 euros for a party later this month, to drink cola or for an entrance fee for a club.

I am also growing my security buffer. My aim is to get at least 1000EU in it before I start paying off my student debt. My goal is to have 0EU in student loan debt when I’m done studying. To have a security buffer of 1000EU might take me a month or three. Now I’m still living paycheck to paycheck and having a security buffer will prevent this. It’s good to have some backup.

Tuition is expensive, man! Compared to other countries it’s pretty cheap but still, it takes a lot of money out of my budget. Oh well, it’s for a good cause. Need that piece of paper if I want to start teaching at my old highschool. I even played around with the idea of getting a PhD, but I’m not quite there yet. Even though I scored a 81/100 on my last grammar test, I need to maintain study discipline and study every day – as well as do my work early so that I’m prepared for the test.

I might want to drink coffee at work or at home since those two options are (almost) free. I tend to spend a lot on coffee on the run, but if I stay disciplined at moments when I’m urged to buy coffee, it might save me some money. I spent 68EU on coffee in January and that’s just too much.

I’m on my last pack of shag. I want to stop smoking, but I keep falling back into old patterns. If I substitute smoking for coffee or cold showers, I will accomplish my goal. My grandfather smoked for 35 years and quit because he didn’t like standing out in the cold when company was in the house, staying warm. Now that I’m doing more with the Wim Hof method, I don’t mind the cold and I feel healthier. I can recommend it to everyone. I’m actually going to swim in icewater tomorrow morning before I have to get my medication. Might want to make a habit out of that.

I’m getting paid on the 26th of February. That’s a lot of seductions to turn down. I turned off my student loans so that I don’t rack up more debt, which is a positive thing to me.

Well, this was my budget post for February. I’ll post a next one at the end of February, where I’ll recap on the (then) past month and look forward to the upcoming month.

Until next time.


Mark Dumanon


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