Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol

I haven’t had any alcohol in at least 22 days. My mind is slowly starting to unfog; I’m having clearer dreams, I’m more active when it comes to shaping my physique and I write more. Also I don’t sleep in after parties anymore.

I feel pretty good! Time’s moving slow, but that’s good because then you can do more with the time that you have. You become superfocused and productive.

Today I went out to dinner with my mother and a colleague of hers. While my mother and the colleague had a beer, I had coffee and a rare steak. Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep; I have too much energy left over from dinner. Or maybe it’s the coffee.

In this post I will tell you the reasons why I stopped drinking alcohol. I will also explain to you how it feels to be sober for almost a month.

Alcohol is not good for you. It’s a depressant. It doesn’t make you feel better, it makes you feel worse. When I visited the UK and went out with my good friend – we went dancing to britpop – at the end of the night you could see all these young sluts passed out from alcohol on the sidewalks. Were they having a good time? Not one that they could remember the day afterwards.

The UK has a drinking culture. That’s probably why they voted leave on the Brexit referendum: because their minds are so trebled by all the alcohol they consume. Anyone with a sharp mind would be able to tell you that voting to leave an institute which promotes peace is a stupid idea. Now they’re taking the piss and the whole country’s in chaos.

Now that I don’t drink, I sleep a lot better. My dreams are almost prophetic, I am wellrested in the morning and I can remember my dreams. During the day, I now try to remember my dreams for fun instead of wasting my time and watching Netflix.

When you drink alcohol, you sleep worse. It messes with your sleep. Some people take a nightcap to fall asleep, but this actually makes you wake up unrested.

Drinking makes you act like a fool. It takes away your inhibitions, that means that you say immediately what you instinctively want to say, whether that’s a smart thing or not. When I used to drink in my teens I said a lot of stupid shit to a lot of good people. It didn’t make me look smarter, even though I felt coureageous because I was just able to talk. Imagine that. Now I don’t feel shame anymore when I talk, because I know that what I’m saying is the right thing. If I don’t know what to say, I just shut up. The key point is that I think before I say something, something that you don’t do when you drink.

In the recent past there was a birthday party for a friend of mine. His roommates forced him to drink a bottle of Smirnoff Ice as a birthday gift. Drinking often correlates with dangerous actions and peer pressure. I used to partake in that myself, under the flag of “you’re cool if you drink a lot”. Now I get my ego-boosts from other things, such as excercise, taking cold showers, and being creative.

Drinking takes away from your clarity of mind, Alcohol damages the brain. When you stop drinking, your brain starts making new cells which help you with memory gain. This is worth a lot when you’re studying, like I am. A classmate of mine drinks heavily and he had to drop one subject. Coincidence? I think not.

I substituted alcohol for coffee. Coffee is a stimulant, which helps you think and be active throughout the day. Alcohol is the exact opposite. It makes you a slob.

What else is alcohol used for? Cleaning. Parallel to the killing of bacteria, it kills your brain. You kill a lot of braincells with those shots of tequila.

I used to work in a bar. I have seen from firsthand perspective how alcohol can influence relationships negatively. I have seen people fight because they were intoxicated and I was actually hit in the face twice by an inebriated man. I was scared to hit back because I had drunk too. I also didn’t do any strength excercises, something that I’ve recently started to do again.


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