Smoking and Drinking

At New Years I didn’t smoke and I didn’t smoke for three days after. I felt like a million bucks. Finally, kicking the bad habits out of my life. Finally, no more money wasted on lighting things on fire that are bad for you. Finally, a sharper breath and a clearer mind.

Then, after 3 days, I relapsed. I started smoking like I’ve never smoked before. One pack a day. One large pack a day. 27 cigarettes in 24 hours. Light ’em up. Light ’em all up.

I know why I relapsed. I was weak. I didn’t care about my New Year’s resolution. What difference would one cigarette make? But one turns into two, and it turns into three. Before you know you’re smoking a pack a day and are secretly disgusted with yourself. I broke my promise to myself, and that’s unforgivable.

That’s because cigarettes are addicting. Like every addiction, you must get your fix or you’ll feel bad. Until it becomes automation. Cigarettes (and all other drugs) are designed to make you feel good at first, but also designed to make you feel shitty when you don’t take them. It doesn’t take a mastermind to figure this out.

I’m not drinking alcohol for a whole year. Minimum. That was another New Years resolution. I’ve kept that one until now. The longer you keep a promise to yourself the easier it is to keep. That’s because it becomes automation. It’s the same process as with addiction but it’s a positive process. You detox and you don’t do dumb things. You don’t lose control.

“But Mark!”, I can hear you think. “I need alcohol! I need it to socialize!” That’s complete and utter Bullshit. The best conversations I’ve had were when I was sober. You can think clearly, you can answer with a sharp mind.

A sharp mind is essential for business. I remember this from when I was making wallpaintings as a sidegig. You can’t show up at your gig with a trebled mind or you’ll mess up the painting. And messing up a painting costs you your reputation, and that costs you money.

That’s why I’m adding not smoking to my renewed New Years resolution. It saves money that I can use for a business, it saves me from cancer and most of all: it saves me from trying to be cool in a stupid way.

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