2019 thoughts

So I’ve been thinking of how I want to arrange my life. Improvements can always be made.

I definitely want to posess less stuff. I feel as if my life is too cluttered up and it takes away my energy from the good stuff, like travelling. Last summer a friend of mine invited me to hitchhike to Italy with him, but because I only had 50 euros in my name and I wasn’t of perfect health I couldn’t go. Maybe this year. I also want to visit my dad and his wife, who live in England. With my brother. Got to keep family relations tight: it’s one of the important things. We still chat every once in a while, mostly about how it’s going and investing (my dad owns some land and a farm in the Philippines)

I also want to do more with music. I’ve therefore bought a Roland TR-8 (a drummachine) on Marktplaats, the Dutch equivalent of eBay. I’ve posessed the KORG Volca Bass, Beats and Keys in the past, but I sold them because I needed money in the short term. Now that money’s not so tight anymore (I’m working at a petrol station near where I live) it’s time to express myself again. Now all I need is to figure out how to record the analogue beats to .mp3 and I’m all set to make jackin’ house records! 

At the moment I’m studying English Language and Culture at the University of Utrecht, and it’s going relatively well. I have to spend more time studying though, in order to keep up with the workload. But I guess that if I make a habit out of writing on my blog, so that I will find pleasure in it, the studying will come by proxy. I’ll post some of the papers I write, might be fun so that not only my professors get to read them. I kind of have the dream of getting by monetarily by being creative, so that not all the focus lies on teaching (which is something I also want to do, preferably at my old highschool). So maybe I’ll open a webshop on this site to sell my stencil artwork, and sell e-books. But what to write about? Something to ponder on.

I also want to read more. I’m reading Sophie’s World at the moment (I’m almost done) which is a 1991 book by Jostein Gaarder. It’s a sort of Alice in Wonderland meets Philisophy for Dummies. The protagonist, Sophie, mysteriously finds letters to her with lessons about philosophy. A lot of the Western philosophers are being discussed, their ideas being handled and explained in an accessible way. What struck me was that none of the Eastern philosophers are being discussed (something that I think also happens in University).

I’m going to dance at the Silent Disco the 11th of January, with a friend of mine that I’ve met in my time in Utrecht. I’m really looking forward to it. Silent Disco is a concept whereby you dance with headphones on. There are various channels you can flip through so you can pick which channel you like most, resulting in that people will dance to different kinds of music simultaneously. Dancing is a way to let go of my energy: every once in a while I feel like making the most of a night and going out. I combine that with smoking and drinking, but I want to do that less: I had a great time at New Years while I didn’t drink or smoke. Something to explore.

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