Jane and her banana-eating chimps

I went to the movies tonight. It was hands down the best documentary I’ve seen in the past ten years. It was a movie about Jane Goodall, a British woman. She has worked with chimpanzees since she was 27 years old.

At first, the chimpanzees were scared of her. They ran away every time she tried to get close to investigate them. Then, after a while, they got used to her and accepted her into their community. I didn’t know chimpanzees were as close as they are, caring for eachother and sharing joys and grievances.

Then after a while, when the bond between Jane and the chimpanzees had gotten stronger, the chimps stole bananas from Janes camp – a perfect opportunity for her to closer investigate them. The film showed a lot of footage of chimps that were stealing bananas from the camp.

Jane and her companion started to control the food supply. They made it so that the humans could control when the chimps had access to the bananas. Then she could observe them closer on their own terms.

It was a succes. The camp grew into a bigger research building as a result. It’s still active up until this day.

The banana is truly a kind of food that’s popular throughout all walks of life.



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