Making mistakes and eating apples

One thing that evens out the scales when you’re young: You have a lot of time for making mistakes.

Nobody is rushing me to do anything. I can read, think, write and eat what I want. I know that mistakes on these parts won’t matter much in the long run, because I have a lot of time for correcting them.

Yes, I don’t know if I will be still alive when I’m 90. Still, when you’re 24, you don’t have to worry much about a lot of things.

I have smoked a cigar on the balcony and experienced that feeling of being young and free. I was watching the bypassing trains in the night and felt that wonderous feeling of being able to go practically anywhere I want, yet I choose to do the things I do.

Good things I do are benefitting my situation. That’s why I chose to eat eight apples today. It’s 20:55 and I am still full of energy, enough to write and clean up a bit after dinner. This might seem like a small thing but practicing writing and having a clean living environment mean much to me right now. They’re small things but in the course of time might add up to something that’s worth something.

Eating fruit gave me that energy. I’m thankful. Everything will go in small steps but it’s important that you take those steps. If you don’t take those steps, nothing will happen.

A friend of mine is promoting local money in Wageningen. He is taking steps towards doing something that he deems important every day. I admire his work ethic and strive to be as active as he is. Even though he has only got a high school degree, he won’t let that stop him from cycling to another part in the country and living his dream.

Eating fruit gives me that energy. When I have more space I’ll be able to scan and sell some more artwork. Maybe I will be able to live from it. Maybe I won’t. It’s up to time to make me see the difference.

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