Energy levels

I’ve been low on energy lately. All I want to do is lay in bed and sleep. It might have something to do with the fact that there’s a flu epidemic.

I’ve been eating Xania pears to combat the problem. It’s been helping a little. They have the texture of apples, a bit crunchy, so that’s something else. When I served them at the social happening, people thought they were just unripe. I think it’s part of the pear race.

The social happening was fun! We played Secret Hitler, which is a game akin to Werewolves of Millers Hollow. The point of the game is to find out who’s sabotaging the progress made on the board. I’m notoriously bad at games like these, so every time I have to lie or sabotage I start grinning. I’ll usually give myself away in the first round. However, luckily for me my partner was very good at pretending to be a Fascist, so we had a fun time.

We also had dinner together, the spinach + salmon + pasta + cream cheese combo. I prepared it with a close friend of mine who’s good at cooking. We divided the tasks among us and the result was lovely.

Then we had some beers and there were apples and pears as a dessert. I think the event succeeded in as that nobody went to bed hungry that night. We even had a fun conversation about the stock market, and about a man who 3D-printed his penis in order to make a vase. Apparently there are people scanning themselves naked with a 3D-scanner. The more you know!

I still have some beers and whiskey as leftovers, but those will see the light the next time. No need to rush it.

Also, I’ve been looking for fun things to do on the internet. My days are spent looking for a job, but I have to distract myself sometimes. If you have any ideas on what to do in a browser, hit me up in the comment field below. I don’t have Netflix or Spotify, just to make it a bit harder for you.

Keep eating fruit people!

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