Winning souls

Two friends have told me that they eat more fruit thanks to my blog. I guess that’s two souls won.

Eating more fruit is an easy way to improve your health. In a world that’s filled with uncertainties, this is one certainty you can cling on to in times of darkness.

I have been reading De Sjamaan van Sevilla. It’s a book about a magic tea that makes the user find himself. I’ve had similar experiences and they won’t let me go. I’m a more introspective person because of it. A great read. The tension builds up gradually, which keeps me on reading. I like to read anyway, that helps.

Today at therapy, we discussed ways to sleep better. I brought up the question of eating fruit before going to bed, but the therapist said that with all the sugars fruit can hold, it’s probably not a good idea. I have a pretty good nightrest, but I sleep too long. Something to ponder about.

One thing I know is that my day went good. I’m content. I ate two kiwi’s this morning and there were apples and mandarins available at therapy! I did my thing and ate three. I participated happily, going along with questions such as ‘How do you feel about it’ and ‘Go with the flow’, which I normally pass off as something a bit woo-woo. Those phrases are, in my opinion, overused – the most important thing is just to keep youself busy. You’ll be dead in a hundred years anyway, it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you don’t hurt other people.

I also drank green tea today. I’d like to experience a Japanese tea ceremony once. I’ve heard it can be very meditative. Maybe they host some in Amsterdam. When I have more money. I’m broke af.

Oh! There are friends coming over for dinner tomorrow. Social things. I love those, when they’re with the right people.

How did your day go? What are your plans? Eat an apple.



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