A little thing

Doing a small thing can go a long way. Sometimes you don’t see the effects that small actions have until way later, too. But I want to make sure that you know that all your actions matter, no matter how small.

I’ve eaten three apples and three bananas today. I know they contributed to me having a good day because I instantly felt better after I’ve eaten them. I am going to have another apple as a dessert for that same reason.

I feel good when I eat fruit. I feel like a hunter-gatherer who has found his food for the day. I don’t know how hunter-gatherers felt but this feeling must come close. It’s a feeling of focus.

Doing a small thing like eating an apple can have an effect on how the rest of your day goes. It can make or break your day. When I snooze my alarm clock, for example, I instantly regret it because I know I will have a harder time waking up and it will effect my whole day.

Eating fruit can lead to a feeling of focus. Maybe it’s the sugars in the fruit that do it. Today, when I ate one apple, I was looking at the apple I was eating, my breath was under control and I felt content about life. I have had that feeling six times today. It’s what keeps me going.

It’s the feeling of being able to say “I’ve eaten this one apple, what am I going to do next?” and actually be enthusiastic about the next thing I’m going to do. One thing I have been doing is reading about a way to stay more productive throughout the day. The writer of the method is David Allen.

He teaches various things, such as “If you have something on your mind, do it in the next 2 minutes so you don’t postpone it.” It’s things like that which keep me from being a lazy bum and that keep me writing this for you.

It is for myself mainly that I write this blog. I write to keep the level of English I use up to par with what is needed for an universitarian study (I plan to study again this fall). I hope to learn more things in the time to come, especially things that make me more independent than I am now. But I know that for a uni degree, I will need to get in a flow of being more productive than I am now. You have to read and write a lot when you go to uni.

One thing I learned today is that you’re not supposed to heat up honey. Bees keep their hives at thirty-seven degrees constantly, and honey is a very delicate product. I’ve always just thrown it in my tea blindly but with that I seem to have boiled away all the goodness that it provides. Heating up honey also affects the enzyme activity in the honey.

I didn’t know I could boil the nutritional benefits out of the honey. Learning this fact will certainly change how I eat my honey. I’ll put it on bread, for example. Bananas with honey dripped on them are also a very tasty dish. I’ll experiment with other fruits. Maybe walnuts, too? Seems like a good combination.

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