Incorporate a fruit bowl into your life

There. I’ve said it. Incorporate a fruit bowl into your life. I am going to repeat this message a few times this blog post. It’s also the core message, so if you think you’re set, feel free to click away.

For those who feel like they need a bit more background, a juicy piece of text, if you will, feel free to keep on reading. I am going to tell you why I think everybody in the world should have access to unlimited fruit.

Unlimited fruit? Yes! Everybody should be able to eat as much fruit as he or she wants, until he or she is full. It’s hard to get full on fruit alone, but not impossible, and from what I’ve done and where I’ve gone, it might just be what the world needs today.

I feel that the world needs to go back to the sweet days where it was okay to walk barefoot in the grass, enjoying the company of friends, chilling, enjoying the taste of fresh fruits and other foods. Hello, sixties revival. The technological possibilities are there, but we’re not there yet. There’s something in the food distribution system that’s wrong. Don’t ask me what should be done about it, I don’t know, but when there are still people dieing of hunger in Africa, there is something that should be done about it. Maybe we should just send them a lot of apples. For free. We’re throwing away a lot of food each year, why not share it? It’s basic math, but when money comes into play, nothing’s simple anymore.

Something that I do when I have a friend over, is share a piece of fruit. Most people gladly accept it, in my experience. It’s also the shared experience that can make your bond stronger. Sharing experiences, such as sharing food (important one), sharing a piece of music (I’ve got this one from a friend – it has the guy from Bon Iver, which I also like), makes you bond with another person.

I always feel like I have X amount of words per day to ‘spend’. After that, I’m kind of done talking and have to revert to simply sharing experiences. Chilling out. If you have a good friend, he’ll let you do that. No pressure.

I feel that we’re kind of rushed nowadays. Going from A to B to C within the timespan of X because your boss needs to Y and your smartphone  tells you Z… it’s stressful. It’s okay to take a break every day and take it a bit easier. I have a friend who constantly tells me that it’s okay to take breaks, to take it easy, and it sure takes away a lot of problems. It charges me up with energy to be able to do more after the break. Fifteen minutes break = 30 minutes of harder work.

I feel that giving people free access to fruit would solve a lot of problems. In my opinion, a lot of problems in the First World are being adressed, but it’s not enough. There is something that still makes people grumpy, watching the news with a suspicion that’s unrivaled. Fake news!

Whether you can trust your government or not is not up to me to decide. I can only see that I am twenty four years old and that I am still alive and pretty healthy. This is, placed in a historical and cultural context, pretty unlikely. Back in our cavemen days I probably would not have made it. From a humanitarian perspective, we’re doing pretty good. I can partly thank ‘The System’ that I’m here.

But there’s still some problems left unadressed. There’s always something to complain about.

One big problem is:

The food that we eat is bad, a lot of times.

There are so many things to choose from when you enter a supermarket! There are so many luxury goods that your body doesn’t really need but which are just fun to consume under the right circumstances. The price, however, requires you to make choices.

Do I take breakfast cereal over apples? I only have 5 euros to spend, and I also need to get milk…” – Me, when shopping

Food and drinks are one of our primary needs. It’s the basis of what you need in order to live. It’s paired together with having a roof over your head, social contact, clean air to breathe, et cetera.

For something that’s so important, it’s important to take a look at what you consume. If you feel like shit most of the time, chances are you’re eating shitty food. I am typing this while eating crisps, but at least I know it’s not enough to survive on for a day. I also had 8 apples, so beat that.

Now, I have to state this clearly: I can only consult you from my own experience. I am not a doctor. However, I think don’t need to be a doctor to remind you to eat some fruit if you’re accustomed to eating sugar and fat, mostly. It’s stating the obvious. Your six year old could tell you this.

Fruit makes you energetic. There’s something in the sweetness of apples that makes me say “Fuck yes, I want to move on with today. I want to get things done!”. There’s something in the structure of a banana that makes me want to eat another banana! I seldom have just one banana. Look at how energetic I am, typing about the structure of bananas. That’s what eating a lot of fruit does to you.

The flu is reigning where I live. I’m not affected. I don’t know why, but I never have the flu. Maybe my resistance to the virus is good enough so that I don’t have it. A lot of fresh air, a lot of fruit and a lot of moving (we use bikes a lot in Holland).

When you’re sick, you have to make sure that you eat healthily. Fish, good fats, vegetables, fruits, honey. That’s my remedy against sickness. I like to make mashed potatoes with a lot of butter so that it’s smooth and I stay full.

I also like to be able to eat an apple whenever. In order to do that, there have to be some apples in my house. We store them in a fruitbowl. We’ve had the same fruitbowl for all my life. It’s a metal one, consisting of a hexagram, but with round shapes. Very sophisticated.

It’s been filled almost all of my life. There are seldom days when we don’t have fruit. I don’t know a lot about economics, but I know that when there’s something in supply, the demand will come by itself, out of curiosity at first, out of habit later.

I’ve made eating fruit a habit. I eat a minimum of three pieces a day. Seven on a normal day. Ten when I have a fantastic day. When I feel like a healthy young god in the blossom of his life.

It’s about fruit man. It’s so easy. It’s so healthy. Do it. Just be convinced and do it. Make the food that you eat healthier and incorporate a fruit bowl into your life. If you already have one, keep up the good work and keep it filled.


When you have questions or want to make a remark, feel free to leave it in the comment box below. It’s kind of new, I’m still looking at how this all works. But I’m stoked working on it.

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