Not enough

I want to make a portrait for somebody I know from therapy. However, I am facing a problem I cannot overcome right now. I’ll get to the problem in a second. First, I want you to meet this woman.

I met this woman at therapy two weeks ago. She is in her sixties, she is two heads shorter than I am and she talks a lot. She brings a lot of good energy to the table in my opinion.

Whenever she is asked a question, she will answer it as fast as possible and then continue to talk about the people she loves. She will tell us every detail, what she said, what they said, word for word. To me, that’s showing that she really loves those persons.

She can remember what happened word by word. While I, most of the times, don’t recall what I’ve had for dinner.

So because she talks so much about her loved ones, we decided I should make a portrait of her daughter and granddaughter. That’s the plan. Easy enough, for me – I have some experience.

However, the situation is as follows: I have bought a new laptop. It holds 32GB on the hard drive. That’s way too low!

At the time, I wanted to save money. So I went for the cheaper options. Less RAM, less GB on the SSD. Now, when I want to make a gift for somebody, I can’t do it because of technical hindrance. That’s very annoying.

Now, I wish I had invested well in my equipment. But, so be it. I’ll have to save up for a new laptop or I have to ask a friend to help me fix this. It’s annoying, because it tarnishes my independance.

When I want to create, I want to create right now. In the moment. When I’m feeling it. It’s like making love. Passion. Now I feel unsatisfied.

So lesson learned, kids: When you invest in equipment, don’t look at thirty bucks, but get equipment that will last you a lifetime.

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