9) Two day hangover and a cure

Two days ago, I went to a party at a cafe in Utrecht. I drank a million sambuca’s. The day after, I went to another party.

Needlessly to say, I was hungover. Although I can now still feel my body repairing itself, it’s going a lot better than it used to.

Maybe this is time working its magic, maybe it’s the fact that I ate some bananas very slowly and drank some orange juice.

Since I bought them at a Kiosk, they were more costly than when I’d have bought them in bulk, but I knew from the start that it was worth it. When you’re sick you want to get healthy as fast as possible so you can transform your energy into good things again.

The parties were very, very fun. I have no regrets. We drew a birthday picture for a friend, we longboarded through the city and went for a stroll. Lots of fun things happened. I repeat: no regrets.

But, it came with a price. My legs are a bit sore from longboarding through a city centre. I am still a bit cloudy in the mind (but sharp enough to be able to write about it). Listening to the radio helps against the cloudiness: I am inclined to sing along with songs that I know, which takes concentration.

They should sell fruit in bars. I could probably make more of this post, but I’m using the hangover as a way out – I’m going to clean my room and look for an agenda that I can use. See you when I’m sharper.

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