7) Creative therapy on fruit

I’ve had 8 apples and 2 bananas today. I’m kind of very energetic.

I also had creative therapy. For me, being creative is what life is about.

It’s about letting go that insecure part of yourself that says “I can’t do it!”. It’s about making contact.

Making contact with the crayon, or whatever material you’re working with, and with the paper, or whatever grounds you’re using.

It’s about focusing on those moments of contact. Where do I go from here? What is the image that I have in mind?

Do I think it’s okay to let go a bit and improvise, or do I want to stick to that image?

It’s also about making some distance so that you can see the process from afar. Take a step or two back from the picture, and see how you’re progressing.

Just like writing this blog. I’m probably progressing, although I don’t see it now. Maybe in a year or two, I’ll look back on this work and laugh or wonder at how I did in the past, the same way I look back on drawings I’ve made in kindergarten.

Painting and drawing is therapeutic. Fruit gives me energy.

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