6) Applying for a job

I’ve applied for a job today. It’s a job serving coffee in a building that’s shared by the local library, the local archives and a local inkt pressing (?) workshop. I’m pretty stoked, even though I don’t know if they’ll take me – there are more applicants. But the talk went very well, I was able to be myself and that’s what matters. But the company I’ve applied for also hosts a small movie festival, a stand-up comedy show and some catering services. So that’s a new, fun environment to be in, if i get in.

I was pretty low on energy in the morning, but I ate two grapefruits and some bread with honey and that changed the situation to me being a bit sharper. I also had some Jimmy Joy with coffee.

Jimmy Joy is a meal shake. They taste pretty bland in my opinion, but they claim to provide all the nutrients your body needs for the day. The company name used to be Joylent. They probably changed it because of a copyright claim with Soylent, which is also a meal shake company. But I don’t that know for sure, I’m making an assumption there.

I always mix my Jimmy Joy with milk instead of water, and I add oatmeal for the extra fibers and thickness. The cost per meal is pretty low, around €1,67/meal, so that’s what made me buy it in the first place.

I cut the first grapefruit into parts and tried to bite away the inside of the fruit, but I left some remnants that stuck to the peel.

For the second one, I cut away the outside of the fruit and was left with a small grapefruit orb. I cut that into parts and ate it, without being hindered by the (now cut away) peels. I definitely left less remnants. More grapefruit savoured. I won.

My perception of the taste of the grapefruits changed a bit between the first one and the second one. It went from really sour to kind of sweetish. For me, it felt like a nice start of the day.

One of my friends says she thinks about me every time she eats fruit. That made me happy.

At the job interview, the interviewer explained some things about the company. It’s bigger than the bar I’ve worked at in Utrecht, that’s for sure. There will be a lot of things to do and I probably won’t have time to chill as much, although from what I’ve seen, the potential new colleagues seem very nice!

I’m going my old working place in two days, with people I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s the best bar in Utrecht in my opinion. If you’re ever there, visit it! It’s called het Hart and is located at the intersection of the Neude and the Voorstraat, in the centre of Utrecht. What makes it so cozy is that it’s pretty small, and when you go there a bit more often, you’ll get to know the personnel, who are selected on their niceness. I know this from experiene, because I’ve worked there. I’m very nice.

The new job will be hard work, and it will pay off. Like everything in life, when you work hard.

I feel the same about me writing this. I’m not that good at it right now, but I’m a starter when it comes to writing.

I’m kind of switching from painting to writing. Diversifying, if you will. You can say as much with writing as with painting, and I don’t need as many supplies to write. A laptop with internet is enough. I still keep up the drawing and painting though, I’m moving my easel to the appartement of a friend so I can paint there and we can hang out more often.

The moving’s a good motivator. There is not enough space in the room I’m currently in to paint freely. Plus, he likes to make music so there will probably be some jam sessions with painting in the meantime.

Maybe we’ll start a new cultural movement! You can never know how history looks back on what you do and what you don’t. You can only do, and hope that you’re not too much of an asshole while doing it.

It would be nice having a job again, and having some money to spend. I’m dead broke right now. Even though money can’t buy happiness, life is a bit easier with money than without money.


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