3) I’m on my sixth kiwi for the day…

…And I feel good. I’m sitting in my backyard, eating it and having a beer. It’s winter, but I have my coat on. I like sitting in the fresh air more than I like sitting inside. Well, it depends on the circumstances.

Being nuanced is important. If you think in extremes, or in black and white, you’re prone to make thinking mistakes. There are so many things happening in the world that you can’t really think in black and white. There are so many colors to choose from!

When I was teaching at a Primary School in Gouda, the Netherlands (I was teaching year 12 for 6 months) I had made an assignment to practice nuanced thinking. I made two children stand facing eachother in front of the class. I held a sheet of paper in the middle that was purple on one side, and yellow on the other.

Child A was able to see the purple side but not the yellow side. For Child B, this was inverted; she was able to see the yellow side but not the purple side.

When I asked each child what color the paper was, the Child A said ‘Purple!’. What do you think Child B said?

Yes. The other child said ‘Yellow!’. Child A was only able to see the purple side, and child B was only able to see the yellow side. They argued over which was true. While they both were saying the truth. Their own version of it.

When they found out that the paper had two different colours, they were very surprised. The class, which already knew that the paper was double-coloured, laughed at their surprised faces. To the people who already knew the whole truth, it was obvious.

It’s obvious that some people are lacking in energy and positivity. It can result in grumpyness and irritability. Which doesn’t do anybody any good. If you wonder how you can help them, you can probably tell them to eat more fruit throughout the day. Everybody knows this advice already. You’ll just be repeating what their parents said to them when they were younger.

This story is a reminder for those moments where you think you have the monopoly on the truth. When I tell you to eat five to seven pieces of fruit a day, I have to remind myself that I’m not a doctor or a scientist. I just share what feels good to me in the hope that it can help you. I’m feeling good, sitting in my backyard, and I want to share this feeling with you, the reader.

The evening’s starting. My neighbor’s letting her dog drink some water. Nature sounds. Lovely. Have a great evening.

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