2) Why eating 5 – 7 pieces of fruit is something you should do every morning.

Think about your morning this morning. How did you feel when you woke up?

Did you have trouble waking up? Or is waking up easy to you?

I hear a lot of people say:

Oh man, I can’t get up every morning. Waking up is the hardest thing EVER!

Why do they say that? Is it because they have no motivation to get up? Is it because their work lives are boring? Those might be some reasons. But everybody wants to make the most of their day, so how come?

Any work you do can be interesting, it just takes a different mindset and enough energy for the day. Look at me, I am sentenced to therapy, and I still came home with a feeling of accomplishment and positivity. I was even whistling a song on my bicycle this morning.

I’ll tell you how I got my way today in a moment. First, I want to get to the key point of my blog post, because I believe that if you have something to say, you should say it as quickly as possible, before the candle burns out and the reader loses his interest.

Eat five to seven pieces of fruit each day. Especially in the morning.

Here. That’s the message. If you’re an information junkie, it’s okay to just click away this page now, and forget about this blog. But I don’t think that helps you remember the message. I think you want to know my motivation for making a website just to tell you to eat more fruit. I even have a story to convince you to eat more fruit. Because everybody should know they should eat healthily, right?

Yes and no. Yes, everybody should know that they should eat healthily but no, not a lot of people really do it. they just eat the food they were raised up to eat because it’s easier or ‘because they like it’. But if you ask them, it tends to be automation. They just eat the same recipes because they’re too lazy to learn new recipes. But with fruit, you don’t need a recipe. It’s so easy. Except when you’re making a fruit salad or something. Or fruit pie. Hmm, pie…

The story:

The motivation for making a website to convince people to eat more fruit stems from, weirdly, being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. In this hospital, I was assigned a room and there were moments where everybody would eat at the same time. There were also two fruit bowls.

However, these two fruit bowls were almost always empty. In a hospital. In a place where people are supposed to get help to get better, there was no fruit most of the time. I found this appaling, irritating and I resolved with myself to make it better.

So, remembering the small bit of Economy from school (Supply and Demand) I ate all the fruit at the beginning of the day. On days where I woke up at 7, the first thing I did was eating all the fruit in the fruit bowl.

All the fruit? Yes, all the fruit. Whether it was two tomatoes or eight apples, I ate it all. Before you think “What an asshole, he didn’t leave anything for the co-patients”, I have to tell you that I had done my research and knew exactly that there wasn’t enough fruit to supply the demand for the whole psychiatric ward anyway. 12 patients x 2 pieces minimum a day = 24 pieces

I had to ask the nurses every day if they wanted to fill the fruit bowls. I felt like Oliver Twist all of the time.

Please sir, can I have some more (fruit)?

While my co-patients were busy talking about their medication or watching TV in the hopes of getting better passively, I was thinking about the food deficiency and making a change actively. It’s kind of weird thinking back about it.

But the nurses filled the fruit bowls and they agreed with me that there should be more fruit, that there should be enough fruit for everybody. Because there’s enough food for everybody in this world, it’s just distributed badly. That’s why some people have nothing. All I did was ask.

I think that everybody wants to lead a life that’s filled with a ‘can-do’ attitude. That attitude can be found in the smallest of places. You can even have a can-do attitude when you’re surrounded by negative people, like I was in a psychiatric hospital, or at school, while playing sports.

Some people will say that admitting I’ve been in a hospital will make me look weak. I don’t agree with them, because I have a ‘can-do attitude’ today. Notice how I said ‘today’, to specify that I haven’t always had this attitude and won’t always will. It’s dependant on some factors, whether I have this attitude or not. I’m realistic enough to see that. One of those factors is my diet. It’s very important.

I know that adding more fruit to my diet is a cheap, easy way to keep myself healthy. There are a lot of fruits I can choose from when I walk into a supermarket. It’s never boring, because I add different fruits every time. Apples, bananas, oranges, grapefruits, kiwis… The list can go on and on. There are fruits on sale all the time. It can be cheap and easy. My fruit for this week is kiwis, for those reasons. They were on sale this week.

You are probably not eating enough fruit. Two pieces a day is the minimum to stay healthy. The bare minimum. Most people think that when they eat two small mandarins a day they’re set, but the truth is: They’re just getting started. And some people don’t eat fruit at all. They stuff themselves with sugary breakfast cereal and think that’s ‘whole-grain’. Do you know how they make the grains stick to each other? Sugar, my (wo)man. Sugar. While some people are stuffing themselves with unhealthy sugars, you can get healthy sugars from fruit. I think they call it fructose, but I used to bail on my Biology class all the time. I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that I just reminded you of the health benefits from eating more fruit.

I don’t need to be a doctor or have studied for 3 years to tell you this. Your six year old child could tell you this. You probably tell this to your six year old child, if you have one! Eat more fruit.

I’ve had my therapy for the day, which kind of looks like a normal school day. A lot of sitting, a lot of talking and not a lot of physical action. Still, I was able to stay sharp and come home with a feeling of accomplishment. I even drew myself a picture to my liking while I was in therapy. I was able to convince the therapist that drawing’s good for me. I believe that drawing’s good for me. But that’s something for another post.

I draw all the time. Where-ever, when-ever. Because I draw all the time, people see me as ‘creative’. They see that I have a certain attitude towards drawing which makes them remember that attitude from their childhood. While in therapy, an elder man started raving on enthusiastically about how he liked to draw pictures of Donald Duck when he was younger. It’s those moments that make me keep on drawing. I’ll tell you in another post about this man. He’s inspired me to write more.

I just want to say, if my energy levels would have been lower and more negative, I probably wouldn’t have been able to convince my therapist, and the old man wouldn’t have reminisced. Having your energy levels high and positive can be very valuable, especially when you’re working as a teacher, or in business. Anywhere.

Because if you need to work from 9 to 5, you need those energy levels. That’s eight solid hours to show off the best part of yourself. You don’t want to be the one caught sleeping at work, especially if your work’s something you’re passionate about!

If I could offer you one piece of myself to share, it would be the following words:

Eat five to seven pieces of fruit throughout the day.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this blog.

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